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NEW! Upgraded 8-Player OP Kit from Enterplay

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Just in time for the run-up to My Little Pony CCG Set 8, Defenders of Equestria, a new Organized Play Kit is coming to a store near you, and this one promises to be the best ever! Each New OP Kit contains 8 sleeves with 2 cards in them positioned face-to-face - the intention is that each player receives a random sleeve at each event they attend. One card in each sleeve is Discord, Party Clasher (High Magic PF10), and the other card is random from a list of 12 cards. Some of these cards include limited-release or unreleased promo cards from previous expansions, including four of the Canterlot Nights Foil Mane Characters,  f5 - f8.

In addition, two of Doctor Hooves, All in Due Time (High Magic PF11) are included as prize cards. The intention is that one winner receives a prize card, and the other prize card is given out at random at the event.

These kits are only available for retailers. We will be vetting orders to ensure that only retailers are purchasing these kits.

Please note: we will be sending out TWO FREE 8-PLAYER KITS TO STORES IN THE US & CANADA WHO PARTICIPATED IN THE MARKS IN TIME PRERELEASE, AS WELL AS A FIXED NUMBER OF KITS TO INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTORS SUPPORTING THE GAME. You do not need to order on this page to receive the two free kits. If you would like ADDITIONAL kits as a retailer, please feel free to order 8-player kits here. 


Please make sure to include your shipping address on checkout. If we do not receive a shipping address with your order, the cards will be sent to the billing address provided. Please do not combine these with any other products from our store. 

These kits will ship out from our office around March 1st, 2017. There are only a limited quantity available for purchase. 

Below is a list of all cards associated with this kit:

  Discord, Party Clasher (HM PF10)
  Gotta Go Fast (PR PF9)
  Stand Still (PR PF10)
  Back Where You Began (PR PF11)
  Applejack, Apple Vendor (CN f5)
  Pinkie Pie, Pokey Pony (CN f6)
  Twilight Sparkle, Gala Greeter (CN f7)
  Fluttershy, Friend to Animals (CN f8)
  Varmint Barricade (CN PF 8)
  Too Much Fun (CN PF10)
  I Got A Golden Ticket (CN PF12)
  Doctor's Orders (CG PF5)
  For Equestria (AD PF13)
  Dr. Hooves, All in Due Time (HM PF11)