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MLP CCG Defenders of Equestria Meetup Group Prerelease Kit

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We're very excited to be able to bring the Defenders of Equestria prerelease around the world! If your Meetup group is further than 3 driving hours away than any participating retailer, no matter what country you are in, you qualify to order this kit! Order it by June 5th to receive by June 16th.

You may not order the kit if you are within 3 hours driving of a participating retailer.

Defenders of Equestria features lots of fun new cards, including a new cycle of Mane Characters, new keywords, fan-favorite characters, and more! 

Each Defenders of Equestria Meetup Prerelease Kit contains support for 8 players, including:

  • 64 packs for play
  • 8 "It's Gonna Work" PF1 prerelease cards
  • 8 Defenders of Equestria Buttons
  • 8 Changeling Token Cards
  • 8 Postcards
  • Additional 2 packs per player for prizing
  • 2 Defenders of Equestria Posters
  • Proxy Mane Sheets
  • 8 Applebloom Token Cards
  • more fun contents!

The price for the kit is $199.00, and shipping is included (excluding VAT/GST). Please note that this item cannot be combined with any other store item, offering or coupon code. Limited supplies are available, kits are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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