MLP CCG Defenders of Equestria Domestic Retailer Prerelease Kit

$ 336.00

This link is ONLY for brick-and-mortar retailers supporting prerelease events for the My Little Pony Collectible Card Game.

Defenders of Equestria features lots of fun new cards, including a new cycle of Mane Characters, new keywords, and more! Exciting new mechanics Redeem and Experienced will add new dimensions of play, and fan-favorite characters Trixie, Starlight Glimmer, Thorax, and Discord are front and center. This eighth set in the MLP: CCG provides plenty to get fans out to support events at their local game store. 

Each Defenders of Equestria Prerelease Kit is full of promotional support for 12 players, including:

  • 96 packs for play
  • 12 "It's Gonna Work" PF1 prerelease cards
  • 12 Defenders of Equestria Buttons
  • 12 Token Cards
  • 12 Postcards
  • Additional 2 packs per player for prizing
  • 2 Defenders of Equestria Posters
  • Proxy Mane Sheets
  • more fun extras like Applebloom CMC tokens, packs of CCG cards, and additional goodies!

The price for the kit is listed at $336.00. Please apply the discount code given to you in the e-mail communication you received to get the price down to the retailer offer of $190 per kit. You may enter this code upon checkout. Shipping is included (excluding any applicable VAT/GST). Please note that this item cannot be combined with any other store item, offering or coupon code. 

There is no hard limit on the # of kits that you can order as a retailer. Right now, there are a limited number of overall kits, however, so there is a soft limit of four kits. If you need any additional product, please contact us directly at 

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